Tuesday, 23 August 2016

CMG Company Blog – Fireside Pies Launches Delivery Service Via UberEATS and Amazon Prime

Fireside Pies, a popular chain of restaurants in Texas, has recently started a delivery service using UberEATs and Amazon Prime Now. Their customers can order online through these two membership programs, choosing from their full menu, and can expect to receive their dishes within an hour.

Since the modern consumer is now accustomed to connecting with businesses via the internet, getting responses immediately, and receiving personalized service, Fireside Pies is capitalizing on the opportunity to grow their business. Using technology that’s already in place, company leaders have set up this new system, giving their loyal clientele another reason to keep ordering from them and giving new customers an attractive option when ordering out.

Amazon Prime Now members can get delivery services for free, a point which may set Fireside Pies apart from some of its competition. Members of UberEATS, at this time, can also receive free delivery. So far, this service has expanded throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Its predicted that a significant number of customers will choose to use the online ordering system. Not as many people are living in places that have landlines, and more and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to do the bulk of their purchases. Arranging dinner or lunch can be as easy as browsing through an online menu, clicking on choices, and awaiting the knock on the door. And it gets better – instead of having to wonder about where the delivery guy or girl is, customers can track his or her location in real time. To find out if delivery is available with Prime Now and UberEATS, people can visit the websites primenow.amazon.com and ubereats.com/dallas/for more information.

The DFW area is home to a lot of college students and millennials who are next to their phones nearly every minute of the day. Whenever they’re hungry, they can simply tap a few buttons to make their order. People of all ages are expected to use this type of ordering, as calling in an order can sometimes take a few extra minutes compared to online ordering.

Wood-fired pizzas are the main selling point of Fireside Pies, as the crispy and chewy crust can only successfully be pulled off in hot ovens such as the ones at the restaurants. The ovens are watched over carefully, making sure that the temperature is just right. Popular pies are the Texas Beef Sausage Pie, the Meatball Pie, and the Stuffed Pie. Vegetarian options include the Quattro Funghi Pie and the Neapolitan.

There are plenty of appetizers to choose from, like bruschetta, crostini, and garlic breadstick bites. These are perfect for a group of hungry people or a couple who wants to share a few different things. Customers can also pick from a variety of salads and desserts to round out their meals.

Fireside Pies started in 2004 as a single restaurant in a charming, old cottage on Henderson Avenue in Dallas. Since then, it’s grown into a network of four restaurants that are found throughout Greater Dallas. Two are within Dallas, in Inwood and Henderson; one is in Grapevine; and the other is in Plano. Though each restaurant is unique, catering to the neighborhood in which it’s located, you can be sure to find rustic cooking, true hospitality, and a fun, welcoming atmosphere in each one.

In 2014, Fireside Pies was bought by the Chalak Mitra Group, which has extensive experience in the restaurant industry as well as in the hospitality, retail, real estate, manufacturing, and sports industries. The Chalak Mitra Group of Companies is overseen by a group of leaders headquartered in Dallas, and it includes the popular chain of Genghis Grill restaurants.

Chalak Mitra Group of Companies

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