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Mitra QSR Supports Kentucky Society of Washington Through KFC

Mitra QSR, a subsidiary of the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies (CMG), often donates time and money to charitable organizations such as the Kentucky Society of Washington through its many KFC franchises. Recently, Mitra QSR was able to offer support for the annual Kentucky Society Pre-Derby party, which was held the weekend of the famous Kentucky Derby.

The Pre-Derby Party Was A Smashing Success!
Each year, the Kentucky Society brings the very best of the Derby to the Alexandria, Virginia area with a huge bash, the proceeds of which benefit various charities and scholarship funds, including the Henry Clay Internship program. The party is always a huge hit with fans of the Derby and embodies much of the spirit of Kentucky parties, occurring simultaneously and giving Derby participants a “run for their money!”

This year was no exception. The Derby celebration featured mint juleps, beautiful ladies’ millinery, burgoo, bourbon balls and Bluegrass music. The famous Run for the Roses was the focus as guests enjoyed many of the same amenities as those in the coveted arenas surrounding the actual race. Everyone dressed in their best and enjoyed the day celebrating one of America’s most famous events.

KFC Makes The Kentucky Derby Special
What would the Kentucky Derby be without real Kentucky Fried Chicken? Fortunately, that question never needs to be answered for those participating in the Derby Celebration at the Kentucky Society of Washington.

Mitra QSR was able to partner with the Kentucky Society to provide generous contributions of food and support that helped to make the party a success. Despite bad weather, the Pre-Derby event was a great success, with more than 700 guests enjoying popcorn chicken and biscuits from Mitra QSR’s restaurants. Guests enjoyed the iconic meal for Derby-goers, as well as other great snacks, while also enjoying the ambiance and music surrounding the pre-Derby festival. Mitra QSR has donated chicken and biscuits to this event for two years running.

In thanking Mitra QSR for their hospitality, the event organizers noted that not only was the Pre-Derby food delicious but that the delivery was seamless and well-organized. The event sponsors showed their appreciation for the donations, noting that the president of the Kentucky Society of Washington called the food a “game changer” for the event. In fact, the event was so successful that the president is determined to find a way to have a Colonel Sanders impersonator join the Bluegrass Ball during the Presidential Inauguration in January.

The Kentucky Society of Washington will use the proceeds gathered from this and other events to sponsor its many charitable endeavors. One of these is The Henry Clay Internship in Public Policy. This internship allows two accomplished Kentucky college students to serve in the Kentucky congressional delegation. The participants will gain first-hand knowledge of how the government works while performing jobs such as researching pending legislative issues and responding to constituent inquiries. Money raised by the Kentucky Society of Washington helps to fund these internship opportunities.

The Kentucky Society of Washington also sponsors a contestant in the Miss Cherry Blossom beauty pageant each year. Participants in this pageant compete for the opportunity to win scholarships and other prizes that will help them with their future career goals. Money raised by the Kentucky Society of Washington helps to pay for pageant expenses so that all young women have an opportunity to participate.

Who Is Mitra QSR?
Mitra QSR is the subsidiary that oversees the Quick Service Restaurants of the larger Chalak Mitra Group of Companies. CMG is a private equity firm with several young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating diversified investment portfolios and growing investments for their clients. CMG has made it possible for many investors to reach their financial goals and expand their companies through its proven growth formulas.

The Chalak Mitra Group of Companies is intensely involved in the restaurant industry, and Mitra QSR is one of the main subsidiaries of the company in this regard. Based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, Mitra QSR owns and operates Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, and franchises as well as other quick service restaurants. Many of the company’s franchises are branded with both KFC and other restaurants in a co-operated location. Mitra QSR was created in 2009.

Besides acquiring and managing hundreds of franchises, Mitra QSR and the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies also focus their efforts on giving back to the community. As part of these efforts, they often donate time, money and food to various charitable enterprises. For the Kentucky Society of Washington, this resulted in great food, great fun and a great day celebrating the most famous race in the country.

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